The Muslim's Beliefs

Unlike other beings, man has the tendency to think that any thing that is organized much have an organizer. Islam simply applies the same natural logic to the universe and the environment around us which has so many amazing and well organized inter-related systems that witness of the existence of a powerful creator.

It is in this direction that Muslims believe in an unseen Ultimate Creator, source of all the physical and spiritual power that exist in the universe. We know about this creator not only through the powerful evidence of how organized is the universe, but also through a line of prophets, including but not limited to Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. They came to draw our attention to him so that we may make the choice to believe by responding to an inner instinct (that is confirmed daily) that all that is organized must have an organizer and that this universe is the creation of the ultimate organizer: God the one, the eternal, the creator, the fastest who calculates, the light, the originator, to list only a view of the names and attributes of the one God as outlined in the Koran (Qur'an).

The first five verses of the Koran represent the Islamic natural approach to believe in the one God:

Read in the name of your Lord who created;
Created man from a clot that clings
Read and your Lord is the most generous;
He who taught by the pen;
Taught man that which he knew not.

Accordingly a Muslim faith is pronounced in the format of admitting the existence and oneness of the Creator as follows:

I witness there there is no God, but one God
and that Mohammed is his prophet.

(or for that matter one of his prophets, since the Koran states that Mohammed is no more than a prophet, a lot of prophets have passed before him).

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